CISM, risk management and governance About Vosity
CISM, risk management and governance CISM, risk management and governance
CISM risk management and governance Vosity´s vision is to help businesses improve the security and reliability of their business operations, while managing and enabling compliance with the latest enacted privacy, security and business risk management requirements/standards/regulations.

Vosity will work with your program management team to devlelop a continuous risk management program that provides effective enterprise governance aligning with your business strategy and objectives.

Vosity will implement a scalable Risk Management Framework (RMF) with an iterative process model that that incorporates appropriate security controls to reduce risks and provide a measureable vulnerability and rsik remediation program.

The program will continously mature by following a continuous RMF life-cycle process that provides managed security assurances with progresssive security and policy gap reductions and improved compliance for IT infrastructures and the secured business information systems.

Management Team

CISM risk management and governance Vosity´s management team has been designing, developing and executing successful Internet business strategies for 25+ years. Vosity is currently implementing and managing a wide range of demanding risk remediation solutions for several clients across many diverse market segments. These clients range from government agencies to software technology companies, to geo-environmental engineering companies to medical device and health care service providers.


CISM risk management and governance VOSITY LLC incorporated in July'2003 and developed a world-class Network Operations Center to provide a secure, reliable, outsourced, "cloud" business services. Vosity implemented it´s Network Operations Center as the foundation for providing website, webstore, and managed hosted solutions and services. Vosity specialized in the custom-development and subsequent management of web-facing e-business SAAS, PAAS and IAAS initiatives utilizing ITIL process practices. Vosity's customers included Electronic Arts, Premiere Interactive Radio and many SMBs.

In 2011, Vosity LLC, renamed Vosity Consultants, and migrated from hosted/managed services to providing risk assessment and risk remediation services to identify and address the many hacking incidents and business vulnerabilities being experienced by web application clients.

To date there are several ongoing initiatives and regulatory best practices to guide and enforce the privacy, security and proper access of information managed by businesses, state, and the federal governments. These regulations and compliance laws have been enacted to better control the access to, protect the privacy of, and manage the risks associated with information management systems and information used and processed by businesses and their utilized third-party service providers.

Vosity Consultants can help businesses evaluate their Information Management Systems/Assets, implement appropriate policies and procedures, and adopt a Risk Management Framework that effectively integrates people, technology and business processes together to secure the proper access to and use of the confidential personel/business information processed in business Information Management Systems.

Vosity´s consultants are certified security compliance specialists for FISMA/NIST 800-53, IRS 1075, PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA/FFIEC, SOX, SSAE16 SOC1/SOC2/SOC3, COSO/COBIT, ISO/IEC 270001/27002, MA EO 504, MA GL 62C/62E/66A/119A and other local, federal and international standards, frameworks and regulatory compliance requirements. Vosity´s consultants are familiar with IBM Jazz RQM, IBM Appscan, Tenable Nessus, HP Arcsight and numerous other security frameworks/scanners/tools.

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