CISM, Risk Management and Governance Enterprise Risk Management
CISM, Risk Management and Governance     CISM, Risk Management and Governance

CISM risk management and governance Bottom-line ... Every business is experiencing exposure to threats and vulnerabilities of their business information systems and the confidential business and personal data that is communicated, processed and stored.

Business executives are now civily and criminally liable given current enacted regulations that require businesses to implement controls to mitigate business risk and ensure the security and privacy of business and personal information.

Enterprise Risk Management can enable management to effectively deal with uncertainty and associated risk and opportunity ... enhancing it´s capacity to build value for stakeholders.

CISM risk management and governance Given the ever-advancing internet-access technologies and devices available to businesses, their employees and business partners ... keeping a business safe from the inherent vulnerabilities in business tools and web applications can be a losing battle, even for the saviest security and technology-adept businesses.

There is no "silver bullet" or quick fix for the problem. The solution requires a well defined and executed Risk Management Program that sets strategy and objectives that strike an optimal balance between growth and return on goals and related risks, and efficiently deployed resources.

CISM risk management and governance An Enterprise Risk Management program requires an investment in people, processes and technologies ... in an iterative series of progressive steps that provide a reliable risk management maturity model for a business to better control, protect and manage the information that is used and disclosed in their information management systems.

CISM risk management and governance A well executed and monitored Risk Management Program helps ensure effective reporting and compiance with laws and regulations, and helps avoid damage to the entity´s reputation and minimizes loss of revenues. Simply stated, an Risk Management Program helps a business get to where it wants to go and avoids pitfalls and surprises along the way.

Vosity´s Solution ... Vosity provides consulting services to help companies implement an effective Enterprise Management Program that will ... align business risk appetite and strategy ... enhance risk response decisions ... reduce operational surprises and losses ... identify and manage cross-enterprise risks ... seize strategic opportunites ... improve assessing security capital needs and enhance security capital allocation and resourcing.

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